Music Styles

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With the newest technologies, any DJ can play any songs that they can download. The real challenge is playing a blend of music to keep the maximum number of people on the dancefloor for the whole night. This is the skill. All too often I've seen DJs advertise their catalogue of 20,000 or 30,000 songs that they bring to an event. Sure, I could keep every song from every album on my hard drive, but the better question is why would I? Do your guests want to listen to the random single that one person loves because it has a "great dancing beat" or do you want the whole crowd dancing to songs that they can recognize and would love to dance to?

Hiring an experienced dj is about hiring somebody who knows what songs to play, how to mix them across genres, and how long to play them before people get tired and bored. My speciality is live mixing. I don't use pre-recorded mixes and content from other DJs. I read the crowd and mix the music across genres and tempos. This keeps the audience engaged and energized.

During my consultations with you, I will garner an understanding of what you and your guests are interested in. This information helps me direct your crowd on the night of the event. I will draw on the best music from any genre you would like played that night.

Music is music. Doesn't matter if it's a traditional Italian tarantella, Spanish Merengue, or Indian Bhangra. What you want is a dj that can mix all the types of music together into a night of non-stop music that keeps the maximum amount of people entertained for the maximum duration. You want your guests to dance the entire night away. That's where I come in.