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You'll notice throughout this site, there's only I and not we. I am the company and the product. When you hire me, I am the artist you will have on the night of your event. I am the person who will be intereacting with you at every step leading up to your big event. There is no secretary to lose messages, no team of customer service agents, just me and my reputation. Beware of "bait and switch" companies that outsource your event to other DJs. Make sure you know the product that you're getting.  I am DJ Tiger.

Where I Wanna Be

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As a touring club DJ, I've had the chance to perform with some of the world's best and most exciting DJs and artists. My goal since I started dj'ing has always been to make people happy and keep them dancing. I know that I have the proven talent to make your event feel world class. I would love to be the best in the world, for now, I'm just carving my path and leaving a trail of happy clients.

With the advent of computer based dj'ing, it has never been easier to claim yourself a dj. While interest and a passion for music are important, there are two critical aspeects which come with experience: SKILL and TALENT. There are thousands of people and companies which have started up in the past few years. Some of them can mix an oustanding night of music, some are good at selecting songs, some are good at reading the crowd and playing to them. Regardless of if you are hosting a once in a lifetime event, or a once a year event, you want a DJ that can mix and remix to perfection, read the crowd and understand their musical preferences, keep up with the newest music and pay homage to the great artist that have come before. While you plan your special event, remember that the entertainment is what people will remember. You deserve a world class event. That's where I come in.


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I've been to a lot of events (weddings, corporate) where the vendor have stacks and piles of business cards and pamplets to give out to potential customers. I find this to be a tacky practice. While I will never turn away new business. My priority is to the client. I believe a truly great service provider, like any consultant, is employed by the client and represents their interests while on the client site. I try to follow the same methodology. At your event, I will dress accordingly, and act accordingly. The impression I give during interactions with your guests is a direct reflection on your event. I generally refer potential clients at an event back to the organizers. My success and longevity thus far has been built on a simple premise: I let the event organizers act as my business card.

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    if you have any questions, or inquiries for bookings, please feel free to call me at 1.647.280.7685.
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