Parts And Labour (Pricing)

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It's my mission to ensure that my clients never have to pay for more services than they need or want. That is why I offer customizable packages that can work for you. I take into consideration everything and anything starting with your events's base sound package. Lights and extras can be added based on budget and requirements.

Let's chat and see what we can do to make a tailored package that works for your event.

With me, there are no Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Platinum and Diamond Packages. No forced upsells and marketing gimmicks.

What I give you is designed around your needs and your budget. You'll be getting the BEST system and service based on what you NEED and can AFFORD.

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    if you have any questions, or inquiries for bookings, please feel free to call me at 1.647.280.7685.
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    If you have a question, or require more information, please fill out this form. I will get back to you shortly. Read More
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