Slideshows - Features or Wall-Art

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As slideshows have become more and more popular for receptions and special events, so too is the question about how to display them.  Generally, there are two styles of slideshows. 

1) Features

2) Wall Art

Features are when a dedicated segment of your event is planned for your slideshow to be shown and watched by your guests.  Generally, the attention span for this sort of slideshow is lower, and this style is a little dated.  This allows you to highlight specific pictures, and is generally shown with a specific soundtrack.

Wall-Art is when your slideshow is used as an element of your event decoration.  Guests are treated to many more pictures than a feature since these slideshows can run through other longer events of your evening (i.e., cocktails hour, dinner, dancing, etc.).

Which one works best for you depends on the other items and components in your slideshow.  I am more than willing to work with you to discuss your options and how you can best use these visuals to enhance your event.

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