Slideshows - New for 2012 & 2013

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Are you looking for a professionally created custom slideshow?

If you've been to an event recently you've undoubtedly seen the dreaded "wedding slideshow".  Eventhough programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker allow you create simple slideshows with your photos, these are generally boring and a polished touched.  Automated programs rely on cheezy transitions and lack artistic vision.  That's where I come in.

Regardless of if you've got a ton of scanned pics, or if you need them scanned, I can work with you to create an AMAZING slideshow that will leave your guests feeling like they saw a piece of art.  Following your event, you'll get a DVD copy of your event.

You've got to worry about seating arrangements, flowers, decorations, colour schemes, etc.  Do you want to add scaning pictures and create slideshows to that list, or leave it to a professional?

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